Melbourne to Pune: How Nirupama stayed involved during her father’s surgery

Providing healthcare support from NRIs to Indian parents

Nirupama who resides in Australia shares a close bond with her parents in India. Even though they have chats and calls daily, her physical presence is very much preferred for festivals and medical emergencies. The devil really is in the distance; at least for NRI children looking after their elderly parents. For Nirupama, the struggle to support the well-being of her ageing parents became obvious when her father had to undergo an eye surgery in the middle of the world’s pandemic. 

Restricted by COVID-19, relatives in India were hesitant to volunteer for the hospital duty. With no one to assist, the possibility of having her parents fend for themselves was a difficult barrier to cross for Nirupama. Her mother’s anxiety only magnified the pressure. Like many NRIs living away from their parents, Nirupama was struggling to find ways to help her parents remotely. 

The process and solution

That was when Nirupama had a call with Bharat, the founder of ParentCare. This concept was just what many NRIs are looking for – a reliable team that acts as an extended arm of the family by:

  • Providing assistance customized to match client requirements, as and when needed. There was no regular subscription fee involved, which was a major advantage. 
  • Verifying the caregiver’s profile and experience.
  • Arranging for replacement in case the client was dissatisfied with the carer/attendant.

The first call convinced Nirupama that her parents would be well-cared for. The next step was to identify what services would best suit her family’s needs. ParentCare proposed arranging for a medically trained nurse with strong communication skills. The nurse would attend to Nirupama’s parents throughout the operation, providing the much-needed support in meeting the medical requirements, speaking with the doctor, as well as providing emotional support to her distressed mother. 

Following a series of interviews with qualified nurses, Dr. Ashabil from ParentCare shortlisted a nurse that met all the requirements in terms of competency, experience, and empathy. As ParentCare adhere to an active involvement strategy, Nirupama had a final say in choosing the nurse – they had a video called followed by Nirupama’s approval. ParentCare then managed the final verification and arranged a Covid test for the nurse. 

On the day of the surgery

Starting earlier than expected, the nurse had plenty of time to get acquainted with the parents. She took care of the formalities for the surgery and ensured that all essentials such as meals and medicines, were brought to the hospital. 

Most importantly, the nurse bonded with Nirupama’s mother through stories shared over a cup of tea, which reduced the anxiety and worries. Nirupama was kept updated on the progress in real-time, including post-operation precautionary measures, medication, and drop-off. 

Before leaving for the day, the nurse made sure that Nirupama’s parents were familiar with the post-care process. Nirupama was satisfied with the services and opted for ParentCare once again to look after her parents’ during the second operation. 

While nothing could replace your presence, some professional assistance can help your parents feel protected and looked after. Use our 24*7 WhatsApp chatbot to browse services or simply for any future needs – it’s completely free and simply helps us be prepared for providing services in the area where your parents live. It also saves your time later in the case of an emergency, if your parents need help there and then.

If you have any questions regarding the services or Nirupama’s story, please ask them in the comments section below.

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