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Indian Ambulance Service- Making It Easier for Family Back Home

One of the most essential medical emergency services in India is that of the ambulance. But for NRIs, the thought of a timely and safe ambulance ride as for their parents is worrisome. Here’s how NRIs can make ambulance services for parents in India an easy ride.

Most NRIs living abroad with their parents living in India is fraught with uncertainty, worry, anxiety and fear of what might happen in case of a medical emergency… who will take care of the parents, and how?

Extended family, neighbours and friends offer a valued support system, but there are limitations as life in Indian towns and cities is demanding and busy. Hence, an efficient emergency response system for parents and senior citizens living alone is essential in India.

Quick and easy access to ambulance, hospitals, and medical stores, among others, are critical. But the reality is that there is a lack of common knowledge …

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