How Geetu used ParentCare’s WhatsApp support to provide care for her father remotely

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From Singapore to Mumbai, the love between family knows no distance. After her mother passed away, Geetu in Singapore became the primary respondent for her father’s health and well being. He lives alone in India and Geetu used to make frequent trips back home to meet him. Be it his or her birthday, or festivals, she never missed a chance to spend quality time with her father, and he visited her in Singapore once a year. 

Read this case study to find out how we managed to support Geetu and her father on three occasions.

Part One: Happy Birthday, Dad!

Birthdays were celebrated a little differently in 2020. With the pandemic on the rise, we had to cope with social distancing, masks and lockdown, and with people forced to stay in their houses for months of quarantine.

Geetu’s father was to celebrate his 70th birthday in 2020 but the COVID travel restrictions meant Geetu could not fly down to India. That was an important occasion they had been planning for a couple of years. She was determined to make her father’s birthday special, so she explored ways they could celebrate the milestone birthday together, virtually. 

One thing that could make that birthday really special for Geetu’s father was a cake from his favourite bakery, however the bakery was unable to arrange delivery. Not wanting to inconvenience her relatives or friends during the pandemic, Geetu was looking for someone who offered customised services. Many NRIs can relate to this feeling when you really wish you had some resource in India which could assist you with everything! 

A quick call with ParentCare sorted the issue. When we delivered a wonderful birthday cake just in time for the celebration, Geetu’s father was truly touched. He found this gesture sweet and heartwarming, especially during the pandemic. Even though his daughter was thousands of miles away, he felt closer to her.

Part Two: Enjoying Diwali Together

In 2021, we see schools going online and working adults setting up their offices from home. A big part of the population has found their grounds again, except for the elderly. Social isolation has been especially challenging for them. 

Geetu wanted to invite her father to Singapore for Diwali but that, again, was not possible. She felt the need to organise a virtual event for her father so that he wouldn’t feel lonely during the festival. The only option she could find online was gaming apps, but there was nothing that could be tailored to her father’s interests. She reached out again to ParentCare and was not disappointed. 

Understanding the family’s requirements, we arranged a fun-filled virtual event – a very special Diwali Party, an action-packed live game show for the entire family and their friends. The party was met with much appreciation and enthusiasm from the father, who had missed spending quality time with his daughter – he was overwhelmed to see her love through these small but important arrangements. 

“ParentCare really proved to be a one stop solution for me and helped me to stay connected with my father even during this lockdown, the cake for his birthday and Diwali celebration helped tide over a difficult year.”

Geetu, Singapore

Part Three: Indian Medicines at Hand

A few weeks later, we were called again – this time, the task was to help ship medicines from India to Singapore for Geetu’s family. This was to be arranged without disturbing her father. Geetu did not want her father going to multiple pharmacies, arranging paperwork and courier services, and then running the risk of catching the COVID virus.  

Geetu now finds it easy and fast to drop us a WhatsApp message to book services, customise them as per her father’s needs and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that we will coordinate everything on the ground. Payments are simpler with a credit card to one ParentCare account, and then our team manages payment to all the service providers. This removes the administration time of paying different service providers in their bank accounts.  

Use our 24*7 WhatsApp chatbot to request services or simply register for any future needs – it’s completely free and simply helps us be prepared for providing services in the area where your parents live. It also saves your time later in the case of an emergency, if your parents need help there and then.

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