How Archana in New York provides care to her parents in India via WhatsApp

Helping father in India during physiotherapy sessions

There are more than 18 million NRIs living outside India, whilst most of their parents are back in their home country. One such NRI is Archana, a US resident and the primary caretaker of her parents. Her daily routine involved checking up on her mother (73) and father (80) regularly via video calls. Although the calls were reassuring, the reality of being thousands of miles apart from them created a sense of helplessness in Archana. 

The situation worsened with the announcement of COVID-19 lockdown. Besides juggling Covid-induced anxiety, Archana had to manage domestic chores, professional commitments, and home-schooling for her kids in the US. On top of that, a recent health scare required her father to undergo physiotherapy sessions and routine check-ups by a doctor. 

Given her father’s health and age, Archana wanted someone who could provide home visits. Coordinating with different healthcare channels while reviewing their services and managing time differences was overwhelming for her. 

The whole process left Archana with very little time to interact with her parents in a meaningful manner. That is when she came across ParentCare on Facebook.

The process and solution

Archana wanted special care services for her elderly parents including doctor visits and other unexpected assistance. To avoid any confusion, she also wanted one point of contact for all the required services. After a call with Bharat, the founder of ParentCare, Archana was confident that the ParentCare team would be able to:

  1. Handle the communication and coordination of doctor visits, physiotherapists, and other service providers.
  2. Arrange for a replacement in case Archana or her parents were not unsatisfied with the service of the assigned medical professional.
  3. Finally, these services could be booked on-demand. That meant Archana did not have to pay any monthly subscription, thereby saving her upfront charges.

ParentCare to the rescue

The entire ParentCare team very much enjoyed working on this case. Here is what we arranged:

1️⃣ GP and physiotherapy home visits were arranged the very next day. The visiting doctors shared detailed feedback and reports by adhering to our ‘active involvement’ approach – this is to help NRIs like Archana to stay up to date with their parents’ health.

2️⃣ As and when Archana’s parents required any medical assistance, she would simply inform us either via a phone call or via a WhatsApp message. 

3️⃣ On one occasion, when Archana needed a blood pressure monitoring machine and oximeter, we delivered the products at market price, while also arranging the GP visit to show the working of the equipment.

4️⃣ Other services such as identifying the best suitable medical insurance policy for her mother, or arranging a caregiver to accompany her parents to the hospital, were all arranged via just a WhatsApp message.

5️⃣ All payments in India were also managed by us which meant Archana only had to deal with one account (ParentCare) for all payments. We accept payments directly into our bank account or via a credit card, an easy payment service not easily available in the Indian medical industry.

That was how Archana was able to provide care to her parents quickly and easily even while travelling or working in her office. She now spends the time saved in bonding with her family in the US and her parents in India, knowing fully well that she is in control of her parents’ healthcare needs. 

If there’s anything we can help your parents with, simply use our WhatsApp chatbot +447471312081. 

If you have any questions regarding the services or Archana’s story, please ask them in the comments section below.

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