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What is ParentCare?

ParentCare was founded to solve the NRI dilemma. We help Indians around the world support their parents back in the country of origin. As we genuinely strive to achieve our mission, we work very closely with our clients and partners. Also, the company is mentored by an Indian doctor and funded by UK-based seed investors. That means we have the insights and budgets for the right marketing to increase the number of clients.

Some of the services we provide for NRIs and their families


Diagnostic tests

Homecare attendants or nurses

Elderly care products

Errand services

Medicine delivery

Personal support

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increased access ParentCare

You reach out to a potential market that remains untapped by the existing healthcare organisations.

Reduced coordination ParentCare

You work with the patients closely and for a longer term compared to clients from other platforms.

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    Our story

    Founder ParentCare

    Hello, I’m Bharat, the founder of ParentCare

    In 2017, my mum was diagnosed with cancer. Living in London, I couldn’t travel to Mumbai and support her on a daily basis. My parents had to go through the entire journey themselves, from identifying the right treatment to homecare, while I was struggling to contribute as much as I wanted to. That was the starting point for ParentCare. Read my story here.

    With our accredited partners, we’re building ParentCare to make long-distance caregiving less stressful. This is a unique, tailored service with pay-per-use fees which gives you a choice of multiple service providers. Support your loved ones no matter where you are, without compromising on family time.