• A tailored solution would mean planning a healthcare solution based on each individual’s requirement and not what is available in the market. For example, single elderly suffering from chronic disease could combine required medical services with an emergency alarm product, personalised service of pick-up & drop for medical appointments and a charity volunteer dropping by once a week to avoid loneliness; all this under one roof and managed by ParentCare.
  • Other medical and healthcare apps are not focused on long-distance caregiving.  ParentCare is specifically developed to simplify booking of medical & healthcare services for India based elderly parents of the Indian diaspora (NRIs). Transparency, increased access to different medical services and service providers, no white labelling, cost comparison combined with personalised services and the ability to integrate different medical services with elderly help from charities, make ParentCare stand out in terms of value delivered.
  • Please feel free to let us know and we will arrange service from your preferred service provider. Our motto is peace of mind for families and we are happy to go the extra mile to help.
  • Yes, (families based outside India) and parents (based in India) both can contact ParentCare to book medical & healthcare services.
  • ParentCare works only with service providers who ensure trained and verified medical staff.  ParentCare will share the profile of each medical professional coming to your house. Verification report could also be shared based on the service selected.
  • ParentCare works only with well-know, trusted medical services companies and not with individual medical professionals.
  • Unfortunately, ParentCare will not be able to take cash payments for the time being. Credit cards or bank transfer would work.  An invoice detailing the chosen service and service provider will be sent to you.
  • ParentCare charges a minimum % on each of its service that varies depending on the service.
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