Our story

The concept of ParentCare comes from the personal experience of Bharat Vasandani, an NRI living in London.

As parents grow older, NRIs worry about their health while carrying the burden of guilt about being away. These worries get even worse during medical treatment. Having no other choice, NRIs turn into long-distance caregivers and face hurdles and stress because the Indian healthcare system is not designed for remote working.

After going through the cycle on his own, Bharat wants to make it easier for NRIs to care for their parents from anywhere & anytime.

Driven by the mission to simplify long-distance caregiving for NRIs, ParentCare was founded in April 2020.

Our team

End to end ParentCare

Bharat Vasandani, Founder & CEO

increased access ParentCare

Priyanka Thorat, Operations Manager

Reduced coordination ParentCare

Dr. Ashabil Rizhana, Operations Manager

End to end ParentCare

Jordan Caldwell, Product Manager

increased access ParentCare

Luma Manina, Marketing Manager

Reduced coordination ParentCare

Clare Curran, Senior Digital Designer

Investors and mentors



The ParentCare team is driven by a deep passion to deliver care via a reliable 24*7 platform and safeguard your valuable family time. With the HQ in London, we have members of the team based in Mumbai.


Deepbridge Capital

Deepbridge Capital is a UK-based venture capital and investment management firm that provides financial support to ParentCare. The firm invests in disruptive technology, life science, and sustainable technology sectors.



Nova is a cofoundery that invests and mentors health tech start-ups including ParentCare. Some of the successful health tech start-up stories from Nova’s portfolio include “Hy-genie”, “Orcha” and “Senti”.

Dr Sonia Basu – Mentor

Dr Sonia Basu – Mentor

Dr Basu is the cofounder of Healthfin, a fintech company that has helped 7,000+ Indian families pay for their medical needs. Her decade of experience has included top level management roles at Ruby Hall Clinic and Sahyadri Hospitals.

Our partners

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